The Hon. Con DiNino


I met Joe and Lozanne during the most difficult time in their lives. An amazing couple with big hearts.

Joe’s pain became a calling to help others in similar situations, the victims!!!

I was honoured when asked to help create the Canadian Crime Victims Foundation.

The focus on the victims, the funds raised, the legislation enacted, the many families helped, all came through the efforts of the team led by Joe Wamback.

I also got to know a talented professional with respected skills and talent. He has made a positive difference in our community.

He has the ability, the experience, the desire for service, the respect of the community and the support of an ever growing team.

He will make a great mayor.



"Time for a change from the same old same old. Vote Joe Wamback for Mayor of Newmarket".


"Joe you have a solid and experienced background that I believe will really support and give clear direction for the decisions that need to be made for the governing and the infrastructure that is ahead for our town. You are serious and passionate for citizens and the town in which we live and I know that you would make the best decisions for the future of this area."


"You will make a great Mayor Joe, serving your community. You have demonstrated that many times."


"The best Mayor....fair ..kind...loving ...tough....and highly intelligent"


"Joe. You are the best man for the job"


"An advcate named Joseph Wamback is running for mayor and he has spent many years of his life helping those that are vulnerable."


"Could not have a better person to be the mayor of NEWMARKET"


"You would make a fantastic Mayor!!!!!"


"Joe I am sure you will win you have so much to offer to the people of Newmarket"


"Joe! You just keep giving to others. Newmarket is very fortunate to have someone like you who is willing to step up for the people


"You have made our town proud in the past, and continue to do so in your community work. As Mayor, you will do so even more"


"You would make an excellent and honest Mayor "


"No matter what position you choose you will have my support because you have already proven yourself in so many ways. Newmarket will be fortunate to have you as Mayor."


"You are the best person for the job"


Thank you for stepping up for our community Joe! Excited that you are running for Mayor!


"You are the right guy"


"The only person who knows what people need and want, go get em Joe".


"You are such a fantastic steadfast citizen Joe. You would make such a fantastic Vote Joe Wamback for Mayor of Newmarket."


"...glad you doing all this for our kids"


Happy to support and you have my vote, this town needs an upgrade badly and you definitely would be the right choice. #Integrity #Leadership #Transparency


"Why one earth should our elected official not be transparent with our money. I think people would plutz if they knew what the numbers were .... Go for it Joseph Wamback you will do a lot of good and perhaps also have some people not so happy with you. We need to get the spending under control. Then worry about the taxing