I Will Respect Taxpayer’s Dollars


I will create full accountability and transparency for how your tax dollars are spent.

I will not waste taxpayer’s dollars.

Synchronize Newmarkets traffic lights to minimize red light waiting times which will also reduce emisions and fuel consumption.

My history demonstrates a legacy of on time, on budgets for multi-million dollar projects.  

Reduce the Newmarket portion of existing residential taxes.

I will complete a line by line review of budgets and expenses to eliminate waste and frivolous expenses.

I will hold any property tax increases to a cost of living increase only.




Synchronize traffic lights on all major roads in Newmarket. Reduce frustrations, increase traffic flow, minimize vehicles idling and fewer stops and starts lessening the effects of autonmobile exhausts.

Immediately meet with the Provincial government to release funding to accelerate the proposed sewage treatment facilities for Newmarket keeping contamination from Lake Simcoe.

The Previous Provincial Government has ignored Town requests for funding increased capacity placing a stranglehold on development within the Town of Newmarket.

Treat our aquifer with respect to guarantee fresh clean Water for generations to follow and keep Lake Simcoe beautiful.

Eliminate Pharmaceuticals leaching into our waste water, monitor surface water and salt runoff into our life sustaining aquifer.

Review alternates for winter street de-icing.




Encourage development of clean industrial property to reduce the Towns dependence on Residential assessment for property taxes.

Encourage manufacturing to set up shop in Newmarket to create jobs.

Cut red tape for site plan approval, monitor design criteria to benefit our community.

Encourage strategic residential and multi-unit intensification mixed use development to provide quality affordable seniors and lower income families.

Support Regional intensification and corridors.

Maintain the uniqueness of Main Street.

Review Mulock farm purchase with long term goals to be consistent with the best interests of Newmarket residents and taxpayers.


Downtown Parking


It is virtually inaccessible at times due to completely inadequate parking facilities.

I will build a parking structure north of Riverwalk commons.

The structure will have an elevated walkway to Main Street and will be free of charge to park for all Newmarket residents and encourage new business development on Main Street.


Municipal Council Policies


I will work with all council and staff members to build effective single purpose goals for our future.

I will create positive trusted relationships with our Provincial, Federal and Regional governments to ensure that we receive our fair share of funding for much needed projects such as waste water treatment, low cost housing and green space development.
I will support the creation of an independant Economic Development Committee to provide non partisan recommendations to council on economic development in Newmarket.
My experience as an Adjudicator, Arbitrator and Mediator will bring consensus building skills to the Council Chambers to ensure that we all work together for a better Newmarket.


Community and Low Cost Housing


Encourage and support strategic affordable housing for seniors and families. Employ Private/Public partnerships to get the best results both financially and architecturally for our town.

Reconfigure the Mulock Farm Park to include affordable housing and integrate parkland settings for all residents. Make this property work for Newmarket residents so it does not become a tax burden for our children and grandchildren.



Maintain and Expand our Green Space.


Build new and maintain all existing community facilities, parks, trails, and walkways and where financially feasible expand to ensure quality free leisure space for all members of our community.


Open Access to the Mayor’s office


To guarantee Accountability, Clarity and Transparency, the Mayor’s office will be open to all residents with regular communications through social media.
All residents will be invited to comment and provide input on spending tax dollars.