Joe Wamback - Candidate for Mayor of Newmarket

Fighting for us. Doing the right thing, one day at a time.

Accountability, Clarity, Transparency

“Leadership is about vision and responsibility, not power. The past cannot be changed, but the future lies within our power.”  Joe Wamback

My beliefs


Newmarket is a marvelous community, with great people, great lifestyle opportunities and an even greater future.

The residents of Newmarket deserve a Mayor who will be fully committed to principles that will make this town even better tomorrow. You deserve a Mayor who is totally committed to principles that work.



The principles I stand for are:






Municipal leaders and the Mayor must be openly accountable for the actions they take and the results that ensue. Properly serving the residents of Newmarket demands that municipal leaders fully face reality and recognize actions that will work, that are working and do more of them. They must also recognize actions that will not work, that are not working and avoid them or fix them.




Council and the Mayor must have crystal-clear clarity on their vision for the future of this town. The Mayor must be able to articulate that vision in an assertive, optimistic manner that creates genuine clarity of the opportunities that exist, generates buy-in for how the vision can be attained and create hope for a better tomorrow that serves the greater interests of all, especially those most vulnerable. The residents and taxpayers of Newmarket will always know exactly where I stand.




Back-room deals, hidden agreements and concealed negotiations must never become part of a Council or Mayor’s conduct. Period!


About Joe:


Joe, his wife Lozanne and son Jonathan have lived in Newmarket for almost 30 years

Joe graduated civil engineering technology in 1970 and founded Wamback Corporation in 1984 and has successfully completed construction of over 10 million square feet of industrial, commercial and mixed-use projects in Ontario including the $250,000,000 North York City Center. Joe's business achievements include Forensic Engineering and High Voltage Design and Construction.


From 2009 to 2017 he was appointed an Administrative Judge with the Government of Canada, Ministry of Human Resources and Skills Development where he adjudicated over 2000 appeals across Canada.


In 1999 tragedy struck the Wamback family. Their son Jonathan, then 15, became the victim of a violent and heinous criminal assault right here in Newmarket that forever changed their lives.  

Rather than succumb to despair, Joe founded the Canadian Crime Victim Foundation to advocate for innocent victims of violent crime in Canada. In addition, they created a National petition to change the Young Offenders Act which is the petition with the largest number of signatures in all of Canada.

 The foundation operates on a completely volunteer basis with no salaries or director’s fees and has raised in excess of $800,000 to provide scholarships for survivors of violent criminal acts and siblings of Canadian homicide victims.


Joe demonstrated his collaboration skills by creating partnerships with York University and currently funds programs for residents of York Region who have been victims of violent crime to access qualified psychological counseling at no charge.  Recently he funded a successful research program providing therapy dogs in women’s shelters to ease the trauma for abused women and children.


Joe is considered an expert witness and has presented briefs before the House of Commons and Senate Standing Committees. He was instrumental in creating 9 amendments to the Canadian Criminal Code to create safer communities across Canada. He is the author of the Canadian Victim Bill of Rights that was given Royal ascent in 2015.


He is a qualified Adjudicator, Arbitrator and Mediator resolving contentious commercial and personal conflicts in Ontario with emphasis in high conflict situations and building respectful workplace environments.


Joe and Lozanne are recipients of the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce, Business Excellence Award for their initiatives and creativity with the work of the foundation.


Joe is a recipient of the Queens Golden Jubilee Medal and the Diamond Jubilee Medal for his positive contribution to the social fabric of Canada and Newmarket.


Joe Wamback Q. Arb.